EvaClean Usage Guides & Documentation

All usage guides, SDS, and supporting documentation is available for download.


Technical & Efficacy Data

Includes detailed information on the chemical structures, dilution rates, and SDS for PurTabs and Pur·One.

EPA List N Tool: Disinfectants for Coronavirus

This tool details best practices and chemcials approved by the EPA for use against the Coronavirus and variants. Use the advanced search tool and EPA registration numbers below for kill time and product instructions. 

PurTabs: 71847-6 (Klorsept)

Pur·One: 71847-7 (Klorkleen)

Cost Analysis

A breakdown of PurTab and Pur·One costs per case. The calculations are based on a dilution of 1076ppm which is the current reccomendation for most industries except of healthcare.

Industry Specific Usage Guides

The guides available for download are recommended minimums for sanitation and disinfection with PurTabs only. These guides do not detail cleaning procedures with Pur·One, but can be used to help determine specific cleaning frequency. Use the information to help develop best practices for your business. Information on the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting can also be found in the guidelines. If further information is needed, please contact our team!

Assisted Living Facilities

Gym & Athletics Facilities

Building Services

Casinos & Entertainment

Cleaning Contractors

Correctional Facilities

Early Childhood Centers

Transportation Services

Sanitization and Disinfection Videos