Distributor for EPA registered, N-list certified

Sanitizing & disinfection products and sprayers

Protecting your world from deadly viruses, infectious diseases, mold, and mildew with products that are safe for the people and world around you.

Kills viruses, mold, and odor

All EvaClean products are EPA approved to fight against SARS-CoV- 2 (COVID-19)

Safe for people

Our products are less toxic and less corrosive to humans, materials, and the environment so no protective eye wear or mask is needed. Plus, you can reenter the room within 2 minutes.

Electrostatic sprayers

Powerful tools to attack microbes and decontaminate facilities more efficiently and effectively.

In the News

EarthSafe’s infection prevention solutions have played a pivotal role in preventing the spread of COVID-19. 

Faced with extraordinary challenges, industries across every sector have turned to Evaclean to help protect public health.

Preventing the Spread of Coronavirus

Now more than ever, proper disinfection is vital. COVID-19 is caused by SARS-CoV-2. EvaClean products kills similar viruses and therefore can be used against SARS-CoV-2 when used in accordance with the directions listed on the EPA LIST N.



All products provide a gentle, low-irritating solution that thoroughly sterilizes and cleans surfaces
– from low-level sanitation requirements to infectious disease control. These products will meet
all your needs including hard surfaces, food-contact, areas, and 100% full room coverage.



 EvaClean products disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces. Whether you are looking for a quick, effective solution or preparing to deep clean an area, PWS has you covered with the best products on the market for disinfection.



We distribute products that are certified as an effective product for the control of odor in a variety of applications. Odor control is effectively accomplished by the destruction of bacteria induced decay.

Attacks odor causing bacteria leaving areas odorless. Products will leave a slight
chlorine smell for a few minutes before dissipating into a fresh, clean scent.


Sporicidal Grade Disinfection Tablets

PUR:ONE is a fast dissolving concentrated tablet that dissolves in water. It is the first chemical with an EPA registered kill claim against bacteria present in biofilm…


Disinfecting and Sanitizing Tablets

PURTABS dissolve quickly in ordinary tap water to produce a variety of strengths to meet the range of needs for every facility…


3 in 1 Wave Water Efficiency Valve 

The FluidLytix Water Management Solution lowers monthly water consumption costs while reducing water usage to help achieve sustainability goals. 

Where our products ARE USED


Leading hospitals and local clinics trust Pristine World Solutions for preventing outbreaks ranging from flu to C. diff.

Food services

Used to sanitize food contact surfaces and equipment in cafeterias, restaurants, and wholesale facilities.


Keeps students, teachers, and staff healthier by giving facilities from early childhood education to universities the ability to sanitize and disinfect more proactively and more thoroughly than ever before.

Athletics & Professional Sports

Gyms and other athletic facilities rely on Pristine World Solutions for disinfecting equipment, eliminating odors, and maintaining a healthy environment.


Dealerships, car washes, and everyday drivers turn to PWS to source safe disinfectants solutions that keep their vehicles protected against deadly viruses.


From luxury yachts to military ships, Pristine World Solutions can help your crew stay safe with the most effective solutions on the market


Hotels, elderly care facilities, and daycares trust PWS to provide their businesses with the safest products on the market to provide residents and customers with the cleanest environment possible

The safe and better alternative

The recent pandemic has shown that sanitation and disinfection needs to be a priority in everyone’s daily life. Keeping your business and employees safe is more important now than ever.

Many of the current solutions on the market do not adequately protect people from every angle. Not only do they not provide complete coverage, many products contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to people and the environment.

At Pristine World Solutions, we source only the best products for our customers that are quat free. Each is EPA approved to fight a plethora of viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew. These products are also environmentally sustainable and do not negatively affect a user’s health and safety. Our products also save you and your business crucial dollars by packing in tablet form. No more mixing harsh chemicals and liquids!

We will work with your business to customize a kit that provides you with the safest, and most effective solution. Contact us anytime for more information!

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